Linking culture and conservation in the Caura River Basin

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The Long Haul: Wild Palm Tree Fruit Harvests Supporting Conservation

Tuesday, December 26, 2023

Caura Futures continues to provide gear and training for wild palm tree fruit harvests in northern South America. Here is a map of the communities where we have delivered gear and have done workshops. Over 500 sets of Maquisapa climbing gear have been hand delivered where they are needed since we began. The Maquisapa is far and away the most efficient, safe and cost-effective gear available for ascending palm trunks while leaving no damage, such as spikes do. ...more

Wild Palm Fruits Featured on Netflix Show

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Our work was featured in the popular series, Down to Earth, now showing on Netflix. The show, hosted by superfoods hunter Darin Olien, featured actor Zac Efron touring projects that improve energy use and food diversity and sustainability in about a dozen locations around the world. In Iquitos, Peru, part of the show covered Oenocarpus bataua (ungurahui, seje, patauá) and Mauritia flexuosa (aguaje, morete, canagucho), fruit harvests using the Maquisapa. ...more

New "Maquisapa" Climbing Gear Promo Video

Monday, July 16, 2018

Check out our short promotional video featuring one of our long-time partners, Italo Mesones, co-founder of Recursos Amazónicos Frutales. This is part of our ramp up to large scale distribution in the Peruvian Amazon where we have been testing the gear for the past several years to great effect. Enough with the case studies, we are intent on ending the massive cutting of wild palm trees that still occurs to feed fruit to cities such as Iquitos. ...more